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We always keep striving to upgrade our product quality, lower down costs and offer best service to the clients. Each bag is produced under the most strict quality assurance system. Our goal is to connect with the world to export our products to the global markets.

Standard Bulk Bag   Standard Bulk Bag
Classic four-point bulk bag for miscellaneous use. The Standard Bags are suitable for transport of all kinds of standard and bulk materials with a content of up to 3 cubic meters.
  Helicopter Bag   Helicopter Bulk Bag
Widely used for moving and transporting by helicopters. Extra reinforement for the loops to further strengthen the structure of the whole body and the bottom.
Japanese Bag   Japanese Bulk Bag
Mostly used in Japan. Circular loops with 2 belts surrounded from the top to the bottom for being easy to be used on the forklift.
  UN Bag   UN Bulk Bag
Used when transporting dangerous materials. UN Bag are esigned in accordance with the "United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods".
Anti-Rust Bag   Anti-Rust Bulk Bag
Adding the Anti-Rust to dissolve into the lamination materials when laminating to make the Anti-Rust sticking on the bag body. Can be loaded with iron materials, or any other metal materials which are easy to be rusty.
  Q-Bag   Q-Bag
Q Bag are suitable for transporting loose materials and ensure perfect maintenance of almost rectangular shape. High stability during transport, stacking and storing.
2 Tons Bags (Type_01)   2 Tons Bag (Type_01)
Using the loop design to reinforce the frame of the body. The whole body is supported by the weight & strength of the yarns, controlled by extrusion skills. With seams on the body, every suture part needs to be sewn time and again to ensure the quality.
  2 Tons Bags (Type_02)   2 Tons Bag (Type_02)
Using the special design of the lifting loops to reinforce both of the body structure and the bottom end. The special fold design makes the lifting loops more upright and stronger.


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