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Packaging Supply

We specialize in packaging supply of varies material for varies commodity from traditional poly woven bag to modern B.O.P.P. Laminated bag. Other produce require special packagin such as netting, foam sleeve protection, and box packaging.

B.O.P.P. Laminated Woven Poly Bag   B.O.P.P. Laminated Woven Poly Bag
High Quality Graphic Printing, made from polypropylene material, easy to recycle, printing one side or two in various color. Suitable for pet foood, grass seeds, fertilizer, etc.
  Laminated Woven Poly Bag   Laminated Woven Poly Bag
Lamination adds water resistence, polypropylene material, easy to recycle, print one side or two in various color. UVI protection. Suitable for packing of rice, sugar, flour, fertilizers and various other materials. Perforation optional for products require air passage.
Multi-Wall Paper Bag   Multi-Wall Paper Bag
Suitable for powder material, cement, gravel, and other fine chemical materials. Optional valve opening and pasted (block) bottom for stable stacking purpose.
  Mesh Bag   Mesh Bag (Onion/Potato)
Suitable for onion, potato, lemon, and other produce product that require ventilation. Mesh bag Material are completely recyclable. Enviromentally friendly and good appearance.
T-Shirt Bag   T-Shirt Bag
Available in HDPE or LDPE material. Product can be made according to customers' detail requirement, such as color, printing, size, etc. Ideal for grocery, supermarkets, and small convenience stores.
  Shopping Bag   Shopping Bag
Printed non-woven/PP woven cloth with density of 80-200gsm material. Recyclable, washable and waterproof. High quality, fantastic printing and reasonable price. Offers various color in fabric material.
Hay Sleeve   Hay Sleeve
Large PP Woven Material. Size 68.75" x 48". Specially woven to fit for packing hay for exporting purpose.
  Foam Sleeve   Foam Sleeve
Suitable for fruits bottles and other fragile products. Made from non-crosslinked polethylene is available as tubuler netting "sleeves" of varying diameter and length.The sleeve can be coveniently slipped over a given product for instant protection.
Fruit Box   Fruit Box
Ideal for packing fruit. Available in transparent, semi-transparent, and other colors. Different sizes and specifications available according to your requirements.
  Wicket Bag   Wicket Bag
The bags be wicketted in a wire up to 100pcs or 200pcs, 250 pcs etc. It is used for bread shop, supermarket, restaurant, and more.Color printing available, easy to hang on the wall. Other features include micro-perforation, insert drawstring, self-adhesive, etc.
Valve Bag   Valve Bag
Suitable for packing of cement, fertilizers, plastic resin etc. Valve opening allow easy and efficient dispense of the material. Block bottom design allow for secure stacking.
  Sand Bag w/ Tie String   Sand Bag w/ Tie String
Polypropylene material, UV treated, prevent sediments, debris and large waste out of drainage systems.

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