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Executive Statement

Along with global village establishment, it has reduced the distance between people from this point of the world to the other. No matter how culture, life style, language are different, people and business are being more aggressive in getting into global trading to learn on how one can be more benefit and efficient to help the other to grow and make better profit on it’s own competition power and strength.

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In the recent years, China and India have been vigorous developed in their global businesses. The total population for both China and India has exceeded 1/3 of the global population; they have the advantage in offering more competitive product made by using their labor strength, very low labor cost.  In the way that China and India are in the better position of exporting their products global-wide, they also very hunger for learning and absorbing new information, technology, knowledge to improve and grow their economy and society. And also, Taiwan has become more recognizing to USA, Japan, and European in terms of better quality and consistent products than China in little bit higher price level. So Taiwan has the advantage to the area where customers are looking for better quality and lifetime items, not just aiming for the cheapest. Even thought language is no longer a stop sign for people to do business together from one nation to the other, but still is a very important criterion when it comes to detailed and critical requirement communication. Everybody can take in place to do global business, but it takes good understanding on multi-culture and good skill on multi-languages to the people you work with to be successful And this is where 101 Global Trading will take in place in this sector of the pie by its strength of multi-culture background, multi-languages capability and many years of experiences in international trading area.

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